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Trolleys Online - Introduction

Trolleys are an essential piece of transportation equipment employed for a variety of industrial applications. Used primarily to move other products and goods within warehouses and other environments, transport trolleys add an extra layer of convenience and security in the workplace. At Trolleys2Go, we have trolleys of all kinds available, including platform trolleys, order picking trolleys, office trolleys, hand trolleys, dollies and more. Even with our merging with Castors2Go, Ladders2Go, Plastics2Go and Lifting2Go to form Equip2Go, you can still find our excellent range of industrial trolleys on Trolleys2Go.

Choosing a Trolley for Your Workplace

With our wide selection of industrial trolleys, you can transport goods with ease regardless of the work environment you are in. Our trolleys can function as warehouse trolleys, factory trolleys, laboratory trolleys, retail trolleys, office trolleys and others. Moreover, depending on the environment you work in, different trolleys are suited for different applications. For example, stainless steel trolleys and galvanised trolleys like our ST17011F Stainless Steel Flatbed Platform Trolley and our Galvanised Bulk Goods Platform Trolley are ideal for wet and/or freezing conditions. This is because their stainless steel and galvanised designs enable them to work efficiently in these harsh situations, whereas other trolleys might not work as well. Additionally, foldable trolleys like our HB210 Foldable Platform Trolley and our SFT2809 Foldable Chrome Plated Hand Truck are able to be conveniently folded in order to save room in workplaces that might be tight on space. Examples like our foldable trolleys, our stainless steel trolleys and our galvanised trolleys elucidate the importance of choosing a trolley that is right for your workplace.

Another thing to consider before you select one of our industrial trolleys for your workplace is its dimensions, load capacity and platform size (if applicable). As we have trolleys in a lot of different configurations and dimensions, it is important to choose one that is specifically suited for your work environment.

Platform Trolleys

Platform trolleys are a staple of many warehouse and factory environments, commonly functioning as warehouse platform trolleys and factory platform trolleys. Used to transport various sorts of equipment, platform trolleys like our TS1AXL Platform Trolley are incredibly durable and easy to manoeuvre. Some platform trolleys like our SNPT5 Platform Trolley can even nest into each other, making storage all the more convenient.

Order Picking Trolleys

Typically used for stock picking applications, order picking trolleys are great for moving files and distributing various goods and products. You can use our reliable order picking trolleys in many industrial environments, using them as warehouse order picking trolleys, office order picking trolleys, retail order picking trolleys and more. At Trolleys2Go, our vast range includes stock picking trolleys like our TS4B Stock/Order Picking Trolley, as well as cage trolleys like our TS1F Stock/Order Picking Trolley.

Hand Trolleys

Hand trolleys are used to transport large and bulky loads in various industrial environments. Ideal for many manual handling tasks, these hand trucks are perfect for any warehouse. At Trolleys2Go, we have hand trucks for any kind of workplace, like our DL1600C Super Mover Hand Truck and our TH300 All Rounder Hand Truck.

Multi Tier Trolleys

Available in a variety of configurations and shelf numbers, our multi tier trolleys are ideal for many hospitality and catering industries. Multi tier trolleys like our NP220D Two-tier Double Handle Trolley and our HS808LA Triple Deck Service Trolley Cart are perfect for transporting all kinds of goods.

Office Trolleys

If you work in an office environment, look no further than our industrial office trolleys. Designed to move and distribute files, mail, archive boxes and other goods around the office, these work trolleys can help boost efficiency and convenience in the workplace. With office trolleys like our Clax Folding Office Trolley Cart and our TSOFT Office File Trolley Cart, you can transport equipment around your office with ease.

Industrial Dollies (+ Industrial Skates & Dollies)

Dollies are incredibly helpful tools that make bulky and heavy objects capable of being moved. With dollies like our TSPD323 Plastic Bread Crate Dolly and our TSPTP Piano Trolley, you can improve workplace efficiency and safety for your employees.

Trolley Attachments and Accessories

We also have accessories that provide added convenience, such as our TS Clipboard Trolley Attachments and 11-1003-B Safety Strap. These attachments provide things like safety straps, clipboards, pen racks and parts trays, adding security and giving your employees more free hands to carry out the task at hand.

Our heavy duty trolleys are perfect for all industrial transportation requirements in a range of environments. With our broad array of trolleys, Trolleys2Go is your trusted provider of industrial trolleys Australia.